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Remembering the Lovecraft Tree

Thanks to everyone who voted in my recent poll. I will revive the "daily spooky post" tradition this October. :)

On a related note, author Caitlin R. Kiernan just posted her poignant memories and photos about "the Lovecraft Tree," a gigantic tree that, until very recently, shaded H.P. Lovecraft's grave in Providence, Rhode Island.

They wept for humanity, those two, not for themselves. They could not bear that this should be the end. Ere silence was completed their hearts were opened, and they knew what had been important on the earth. Man, the flower of all flesh, the noblest of all creatures visible, man who had once made god in his image, and had mirrored his strength on the constellations, beautiful naked man was dying, strangled in the garments that he had woven.
- E.M. Forster, "The Machine Stops"

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