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Raffle announcement - for a good cause!

There's currently an online raffle being held to help Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest and its editor, who recently suffered some financial setbacks. Among the many science fiction/fantasy/horror-related raffle items ($1 a ticket) is a copy of The Magic Ring, signed by yours truly. Tickets must be purchased before Sept. 29.

I'd be grateful if you'd help spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Thanks! Here's the official release:

There's old-fashioned raffle with amazing prizes at Save Apex Digest! You can buy a ticket to put your name in the hat to win autographed copies of books, art, videos and other strange goodies. Tickets are a dollar each. That's nothing, right? You can afford that. On Friday, September 29th, we'll draw names and hand out the prizes.

You might win an autographed book by Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Keene, David Louis Edelman, and more. Or how about a signed Alex McVey print? Maybe you'd like to have your story professionally edited? Stop by and see which things you covet.

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