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"nostalgia of things unknown"

My classes started yesterday. I will also be helping to lead discussions among the university's freshmen in the First-Year Seminar Film Series for the showings of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a film that proves there can be more to science fiction cinema than big budget special effects flicks. And so the new semester begins.

Other bits:

* Happy birthday to altariel!

* The MidWest Jedi Slash Fen are holding an auction now to raise funds for UNICEF's tsunami/earthquake relief efforts. Go here for more information.

* The Tolkien on Film anthology (previously mentioned in detail here) is now available from

* Neil Gaiman recently posted some interesting thoughts regarding "Everything you wanted to know about literary agents..." on his blog.

* One (of many) reasons I celebrate the return of 24 and Enterprise is that these new seasons also mean the return of their corresponding commentaries at Television Without Pity. I've missed the snark.

Today is the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft's friend and fellow fantasist Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961), who will provide the quote of the day:

"The nostalgia of things unknown, of lands forgotten or unfound, is upon me at times. Often I long for the gleam of yellow suns upon terraces of translucent azure marble, mocking the windless waters of lakes unfathomably calm; for lost, legendary palaces of serpentine, silver and ebony, whose columns are green stalactites; for the pillars of fallen temples, standing in the vast purpureal sunset of a land of lost and marvellous romance. I sigh for the dark-green depths of cedar forests, through whose fantastically woven boughs, one sees at intervals an unknown tropic ocean, like gleams of blue diamond; for isles of palm and coral, that fret an amber morning, somewhere beyond Cathay or Taprobane; for the strange and hidden cities of the desert, with burning brazen domes and slender pinnacles of gold and copper, that pierce a heaven of heated lazuli."

from Clark Ashton Smith, "Nostalgia of the Unknown"

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