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Six hobbits a-laying?

Happy birthday to carpdeus! May you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year to come.

Borrowed from wellinghall:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, eldritchhobbit sent to me...
Twelve inklings drumming
Eleven hercules piping
Ten hogwarts a-leaping
Nine x-files dancing
Eight iolaus a-milking
Seven byers a-swimming
Six hobbits a-laying
Five me-e-e-ediaeval baebes
Four tori amos
Three fairy tales
Two jim byrnes
...and a bpal in a dangerous beauty.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Just FYI, two of my past articles are now available (by permission) online at my website as PDF documents:

1. "Harry Potter Is A Hobbit: Rowling, Tolkien, and The Question of Readership" from CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society, (May/June 2004)

2. "The Sword in the Starship: Arthuriana in the Four Incarnations of Star Trek," from Winedark Sea, (March 2000)

Edit: These are most easily accessed using Internet Explorer.

Thanks to all for the fabulous virtual gifts in my virtual stocking. My cup runneth over with awesome! :)

A tule fog
fills the sky -
~ Michael P. Garofalo, Cuttings

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