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"somewhere beyond Cathay or Taprobane"

* Happy birthday to the wonderful thrihyrne, without whom I would never have come to LJ. Visit her website, Thevina's Mountainous Fanfiction Archive, here. I am sending best wishes to you for the most fabulous birthday - and best year - ever!

* Happy birthday also to the fantastic seemag. Visit her website, Unbound, here. Best wishes and many, many happy returns of the day!

* In other news, the British Science Fiction Association Awards finalists for the best works of 2006 have been named. The recommended reading list in non-fiction is particularly strong this year.

January 13 was the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft's friend and fellow fantasist Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961), so I will use one of my favorite passages by him (which I've posted before, but I never mind repeating) for the quote of the day:

"The nostalgia of things unknown, of lands forgotten or unfound, is upon me at times. Often I long for the gleam of yellow suns upon terraces of translucent azure marble, mocking the windless waters of lakes unfathomably calm; for lost, legendary palaces of serpentine, silver and ebony, whose columns are green stalactites; for the pillars of fallen temples, standing in the vast purpureal sunset of a land of lost and marvellous romance. I sigh for the dark-green depths of cedar forests, through whose fantastically woven boughs, one sees at intervals an unknown tropic ocean, like gleams of blue diamond; for isles of palm and coral, that fret an amber morning, somewhere beyond Cathay or Taprobane; for the strange and hidden cities of the desert, with burning brazen domes and slender pinnacles of gold and copper, that pierce a heaven of heated lazuli."

from Clark Ashton Smith, "Nostalgia of the Unknown"

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