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"goodness is timeless"

Happy early birthday to mayree! May you have a marvelous day and year to come, my friend.

I'm still trying to catch up after my most recent trip, but I had a few things to share.

It was our first snow this week.

The backyard:
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In the front yard:
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The frozen pond:
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Virginia, pining for her warm blankets:
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* In other news, several of the titles from one of my favorite publication series, Bison Frontiers of Imagination (Classic SF from the University of Nebraska Press), are currently on sale up to 50% off the regular price.

* The First Post has an interesting article about a great poet here: "Let’s give Auden the centenary he deserves." (Thanks to wellinghall for the link.)

* The Arthuriana/Camelot Project Bibiography of Modern Arthurian Short Stories has been updated to include a number of new citations, including information on two stories by Morgan Stuart.

* My website has been updated on several pages, including favorite links.

From Archeology
one moral, at least, may be drawn,
to wit, that all
our school text-books lie.
What they call History
is nothing to vaunt of,
being made, as it is,
by the criminal in us:
goodness is timeless.

from "Archeology," W.H. Auden

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