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A Tragic Anniversary

It's been thirty years since a terrible crime shocked my home state and especially my hometown. I was soon to be in kindergarten, and I remember it vividly. It hit very close to home for a variety of reasons, and continues to do so for a variety of others. I just couldn't let this anniversary pass without noting it.

In June 1977, three young Girl Scouts (eight, nine, and ten years old) were found raped and murdered outside of their tent at Camp Scott near Locust Grove, Oklahoma. The case was complicated by racial/ethnic tensions, because the victims were white and black, and the only official suspect, Gene Leroy Hart, was Cherokee. After a complicated and dramatic manhunt, Hart was tried but eventually found innocent. Since then, the case has remained unsolved, the fodder for local legends, suggestions of bizarre occult and ritual connections, and various conspiracy theories. The Girl Scout camp remains closed to this day.

This week new DNA tests have been performed in the hope of determining once and for all if the now deceased Hart committed these crimes. I understand that the results are in, but it is unclear when they will be made public.

My heart continues to go out to everyone touched by this event.

Story: New DNA Tests Planned In 1977 Girl Scout Killings (from Tulsa's KOTV News)

Video: Girl Scout Murders Case Reopened (from Tulsa's KOTV News)

Discussion: The Girl Scout Murders Locust Grove 1977 discussion at A&E's Cold Case Files forums
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