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"what the world actually did"

* I highly recommend this fantastic podcast: The Classic Tales Podcast. These are unabridged, classic short stories by the likes of Mary Shelley, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Hardy, and H.G. Wells, read by professional actor B.J. Harrison. (Thanks to sword_gryff.)

* For those who love The Dark is Rising books by Susan Cooper and are looking forward to the film adaptation this fall, there is disheartening news.

* This month's Locus includes "Yesterday's Tomorrows: Robert A. Heinlein" by Graham Sleight. Although I disagree with Sleight in some ways, I found the article to be thought-provoking and well worth reading.

I'm more than prepared to believe that Heinlein established, pretty much singlehandedly, the language in which modern science fiction is told. The tragedy of his later career is, visibly, that of seeing the gap between what he had believed in and what the world actually did.
- Graham Sleight, "Yesterday's Tomorrow's: Robert A. Heinlein"
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