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"The mornings blossom into noons"

Happy birthday to super_chik! I hope you have a great day and many more to come.

In other news...

* The promised remake of The Prisoner isn't happening. I think I am relieved.

* SilkSoundBooks has added some new, unabridged readings of classic novels (including Susannah York's reading of Elizabeth Gaskell's My Lady Ludlow).

* Locus has posted Heinlein at 100: A Roundtable Discussion with John Clute, Gary K. Wolfe, Graham Sleight, and Charles N. Brown.

It makes no difference abroad,
The seasons fit the same,
The mornings blossom into noons,
And split their pods of flame.

Wild-flowers kindle in the woods,
The brooks brag all the day;
No blackbird bates his jargoning
For passing Calvary.

Auto-da-fe and judgment
Are nothing to the bee;
His separation from his rose
To him seems misery.

- Emily Dickinson
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