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"Cottleston, Cottleston, Cottleston Pie, That’s not dead which can eternal lie."

We've got new pots of mums on the front porch, and fall is just around the corner!

If I am a bit quieter than usual over the next couple of weeks, that's because I'm working hard on my biography Tecumseh: A Life, which will be published early next year by Greenwood Press. I will still be around, posting and replying, but if there's lag time in my responses, that's the reason. I will be back sharing my daily "spooky posts" in October.

* I just discovered that my scholarly article "Reimagining Rose: Portrayals of Tolkien's Rosie Cotton in Twenty-First Century Fan Fiction," which was published in the journal Mythlore last year, is now online here.

* I also just realized that I have sent 27 books and received 27 books thus far with Bookins. I highly recommend the site for anyone looking for quality used books, whether or not you have books to trade.

* I'm a bit late posting these links, but just in case anyone missed these crossover goodies, please enjoy:

** Edward Gorey meets Star Trek's "The Trouble with Tribbles"

** H.P. Lovecraft meets Winnie the Pooh

“Oh, bother,” said Pooh, as the unclean emanations of the Old Ones manifested as squamous and rugose tentacles that were of no earthly color.
- "The Dream-Quest of Pooh Corner"
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