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A question for fans of The Professionals

I've been searching for The Professionals fan fiction that includes "Crazy Tommy"/"Shotgun Tommy" McKay from the episode "Heroes" as a major character (as opposed to a quick allusion, such as "You don't want to end up like Tommy"). Here's what I've found thus far. If you know of any stories I've missed (I'm sure there are many), I'd be grateful if you'd let me know. :) Thank you!


1. & 2. "The Cow's Christmas" and "Fairy Tale" by Elspeth Lee
These are two related re-tellings of It's A Wonderful Life. In both Bodie/Doyle tales, Tommy serves as the ghost who shows Cowley how the world would have been different without him. (Both are from The Hatstand.)

3. "Trigger Happy Tommy" by Laura
This songfic is framed as Tommy McKay's own "Agent's Perception of Self and CI5" essay for the CI5 Psychoanalytic Unit. (This is from the Prosfanfic Website.)

4. "Requiem" by Barb Jones
This poem offers a postscript to "Heroes" from Cowley's point of view.

In Print Form:

5. from Proslib: "Fading Echoes" by Elaine Leeke
This story takes place immediately after the events in "Heroes" and flashes back to a Doyle/Tommy relationship.

6. & 7. Available from Waveney Zine Shop: "Cries in the Night" by MacJordan and "A Clown's Cannon" by Setter, both in Compounded Interest III by AMC Press, 1994. "Cries in the Night" is a Murphy/Tommy story that takes place immediately prior to the events in "Heroes." "A Clown's Cannon" is a Macklin/Tommy story that fills in the history of Tommy's lost family.

8. Available from Waveney Zine Shop: "Ta Deum for Tommy" by Linda Terrell in Down Under Express 1 by Clarke and Keating, 1992. In this poem the speaker reflects on how McKay died because he'd lost everyone he loved, and how the same could happen to the speaker if he loses his partner.

9. Available from Neon Rainbow Press: "Anniversary" by H. Ann Walton in Mates #1 by Featherpaw Press
This story follows a Murphy/Tommy relationship from the death of Tommy's family through the aftermath of "Heroes." Past Cowley/Tommy implied.

(Also, "My Brother's Keeper" by Anna Parrish in Nudge Nudge Wink Wink 1 by Manacles Press, 1992. Set after Tommy's death, Bodie occasionally thinks back on how Doyle was involved with McKay for a short while. Brief mentions only, not Tommy-centric. Out of print.)

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