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Happy Halloween, Day 14

Link of the Day: The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies

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Check out this terrific publication! Each online issue includes articles, book, film and television reviews, and a special "Lost Souls" section dedicated to resurrecting the neglected and underrated personages of horror (from the 19th-century Gothic novelist Francis Lathom to 1950s "Scream Queen" Susan Cabot).

Literature of the Day: Today's spooky short story is one I particularly enjoy and reread every Halloween season.

“Dickon the Devil”
by J. Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873)

The host of the "Three Nuns," which was the sign under which he entertained wayfarers, had not a great deal to tell. It was twenty years, or more, since old Squire Bowes died, and no one had lived in the Hall ever since, except the gardener and his wife.

"Tom Wyndsour will be as old a man as myself; but he's a bit taller, and not so much in flesh, quite," said the fat innkeeper.

"But there were stories about the house," I repeated, "that they said, prevented tenants from coming into it?"

"Old wives' tales; many years ago, that will be, sir; I forget 'em; I forget 'em all. Oh yes, there always will be, when a house is left so; foolish folk will always be talkin'; but I hadn't heard a word about it this twenty year."

It was vain trying to pump him; the old landlord of the "Three Nuns," for some reason, did not choose to tell tales of Barwyke Hall, if he really did, as I suspected, remember them.

Read the complete story here.
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