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It is done.

::deep breath::

I have just signed a book contract for a new volume entitled The Trail of Tears and Indian Removal for Greenwood Publishing Group. If you know much about me, you can imagine what this means to me. This will be my third book for Greenwood; more to the point, in writing it I will be able to revisit some of the themes from my doctoral dissertation, "From Aniyuwiya to Indian Territory: Concepts of Cherokee Civilization, 1500-1839."

Needless to say, I feel very humbled by the weight of this task.

The book is not due out until late 2006/early 2007, so that means I have time to complete my two other non-fiction writing projects -- the current article on U.S. Native American policy that I am co-authoring and my work for The J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment -- before I begin. But just knowing this is on my horizon... well, it holds great meaning for me.

Thank you so much for letting me share this.

Quote of the day:

"Cherokee blood, if not destroyed, will win its course in beings of fair complexions, who will read that their ancestors became civilized under the frowns of misfortune, and the causes of their enemies."
- John Ridge, February 27, 1826

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