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Happy Halloween, Day 15

Here's a picture I find rather atmospheric, in a Halloween sort of way, thanks to the uneven ground and amazing trees. I took this photo in a cemetery in "Old Town" Reykjavik, Iceland in 2005.

Iceland 010

And now, on with the show:

Link of the Day: The Smoking Mirror (Check the "Cemeteries" and "Links" sections for artistic photographs from church yards and burial grounds across Europe that will take your breath away.)

Literature of the Day: Here's a short and haunting poem for your Monday.

"Haunted House"
By Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935)

Here was a place where none would ever come
For shelter, save as we did from the rain.
We saw no ghost, yet once outside again
Each wondered why the other should be so dumb;
And ruin, and to our vision it was plain
Where thrift, outshivering fear, had let remain
Some chairs that were like skeletons of home.

There were no trackless footsteps on the floor
Above us, and there were no sounds elsewhere.
But there was more than sound; and there was more
Than just an axe that once was in the air
Between us and the chimney, long before
Our time. So townsmen said who found her there.
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