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Happy Halloween, Day 17

Happy birthday wishes to vulpine137! May you have a fantastic day today and many more to come!

Next, to help provide that Halloween atmosphere, I give you footage of the catacombs of Paris (complete with music!):

And, for extra creepiness, here are two more videos, this time from The Scariest Places on Earth:

*"Man Lost in the Catacombs of Paris," Part 1
*"Man Lost in the Catacombs of Paris," Part 2

And now, on with the show:

Links of the Day: Related to the clips above, here are some illustrated sites about the eerie and fascinating catacombs of Paris:

*The Catacombs of Paris (Wikipedia)
*Underground Paris: A Virtual Tour
*WebMuseum, Paris: The Catacombs of Paris

Literature of the Day: I hope you enjoy this spooky little poem.

"Hallowe’en" (1918)
By W.M. Letts

"Why do you wait at your door, woman,
Alone in the night?"
"I am waiting for one who will come, stranger,
To show him a light.
He will see me afar on the road,
And be glad at the sight."

"Have you no fear in your heart, woman,

To stand there alone?
There is comfort for you and kindly content
Beside the hearthstone."
But she answered, "No rest can I have
Till I welcome my own."

"Is it far he must travel to-night,
This man of your heart?"
"Strange lands that I know not, and pitiless seas
Have kept us apart,
And he travels this night to his home
Without guide, without chart."

"And has he companions to cheer him?"
"Aye, many," she said.
"The candles are lighted, the hearthstones are swept,
The fires glow red.
We shall welcome them out of the night--
Our home-coming dead."
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