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"books are men of a higher stature"

Autumn colors are here!



Last night we heard a wonderfully interesting talk by Donna Woolfolk Cross, the author of Pope Joan. Her novel, which I read and enjoyed, is now being made into a feature film. I hadn't realized that Cross is the daughter of William Woolfolk [who wrote "Batman" and "Superman" for National Periodical Publications (the future DC Comics), "Captain America" for Timely Comics (an earlier incarnation of Marvel Comics), and "Captain Marvel" for Fawcett Publications, as well as the television series The Defenders], and Dorothy Woolfolk, the first female editor at DC Comics. That's an impressive heritage!

Speaking of books, here are some links of interest:

* The National Education Association has released a recommended reading list of Native American literature. There are some "must read" authors I would add to this list, especially Evelina Zuni Lucero (Night Sky, Morning Star - a personal favorite) and Leslie Marmon Silko.

* Amazon has posted its list of The Best Books of 2007.

* Publisher's Weekly also announced its picks for Best Books of the Year.

Books are men of higher stature;
the only men that speak aloud for future times to hear.
~ E.S. Barrett
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