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Lingalad and other news

First, a couple of personal notes:

* I have thoroughly updated my website, including my recommended links page.

* The information for Tecumseh: A Biography is now up on the Greenwood Press site and

Now, on to music news:

I am a sincere fan of Giuseppe Festa and his band Lingalad. You can read my review of the first album here at Revolution Science Fiction and my interview with Giuseppe here at Pop Thought. I've had the very good fortune of hearing Giuseppe perform his nature- and Middle-Earth-inspired music live on several occasions at various Tolkien-related international events, and each time has been wonderful.

Now a new book from Bastogi - La Musica dei Lingalad: Da Tolkien ai Segreti della Natura, or The Music of Lingalad: From Tolkien to the Secrets of Nature - is available, and it comes with a Best of Lingalad CD, which includes 19 classic songs and 3 new ones. I contributed a section to the book, as did others, including Lord of the Rings artist John Howe and actors Craig Parker and Bruce Hopkins. There is more information about the book and CD here. International buyers should email for pricing and shipping details. Additional information about other albums appears on Lingalad's main website.

I'll leave you with some Lingalad:

Here's one more video by Lingalad.

While snow the window-panes bedim,
The fire curls up a sunny charm,
Where, creaming o'er the pitcher's rim,
The flowering ale is set to warm;
Mirth, full of joy as summer bees,
Sits there, its pleasures to impart,
And children, 'tween their parent's knees,
Sing scraps of carols o'er by heart.
- John Clare, December
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