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wishes, thanks, and recommendations

Happy belated birthday to primsong, and happy birthday to cyloran! May both of you enjoy a wonderful year to come and many, many more!

Many thanks to sally_maria, lynn_maudlin, and febobe for the holiday goodies in the mail. They are most appreciated!

There are two new J.K. Rowling interviews I highly recommend:

* "A Tree-t for Harry Potter Fans" from The Sun today includes pictures and video footage.

* PotterCast now has both parts of Rowling's landmark podcast interview available online.

Also, for those of you who like wizard rock, I suggest checking out The Weasel King. His songs are available for free listening/downloading here.

A tule fog
fills the sky-

- Michael P. Garofalo, "Cuttings"
Tags: harry potter

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