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"increase the Flash Gordon noise"

Happy birthday to firiath! May your day today be wonderful and your year to come be fantastic!

A couple of quick notes:

* I highly recommend checking out the Free Speculative Fiction Online website for links to excellent stories from the genre's past and present (posted with the authors' and/or publishers' consent).

* If you have any interest in Clark Ashton Smith, the writers he influenced (including H.P. Lovecraft), and/or genre history, I also recommend The Eldritch Dark, a website site designed to facilitate both scholars and fans in their appreciation and study of Clark Ashton Smith and his works.

* Speaking of websites, I've updated my official site, including my list of favorite links.

* Reminder: on Tuesday, February 19 (tomorrow), I will be a guest on the "First Talk with Hal Row" radio program from 8-9am (Eastern) on 1290AM WHKY in Hickory, North Carolina. The show is streamed live online here. Questions can be submitted online here. I will be interviewed along with Lisa Miller, Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center, about the First American: Voices event we are producing at the end of the month (free and open to the public). I will also be talking about my presentation and book signing at that event, and my work in Native American and Science Fiction/Fantasy studies in general.

"Increase the Flash Gordon noise and put more science stuff around."
-Crow T. Robot, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Tags: genre literature, interviews, sf

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