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"No fancy in the world is all untrue."

Happy birthday to the wonderful maidoforange! May you have a terrific day today and many more to come, my friend!

A few notes...

* This past week, The Telegraph ran an interesting article on one of my favorite authors, Daphne du Maurier. Read "The Real Ghost of Manderley" here. An excerpt from the new novel about her, Daphne by Justine Picardie, is here.

* In celebration of his blog's anniversary, Neil Gaiman is offering his fantastic novel American Gods free for one month online. Read it here.

* I was very sorry to read in numerous blogs of the death of author Janet Kagan (1946-2008). I first discovered her through her Star Trek novel Uhura's Song, which remains one of my favorites. She is perhaps best remembered for her novelette "The Nutcracker Coup," which won a Hugo Award in 1993, and her novel Hellspark (1988).

"No fancy in the world is all untrue."
Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars
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