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News flash!

Great news! This week the fantastic podcast StarShipSofa, in conjunction with the British Science Fiction Association, is bringing listeners all five of the short stories that have been shortlisted for the BSFA Award for Best Short Story 2007 in audio format for free download. Starting today, StarShipSofa will upload one of the nominated stories each day. In today's installment, Chaz Brenchley narrates his own nominated story, "Terminal." Check out StarShipSofa here or on iTunes.

And now, a quote for the day (with thanks to sittingduck1313):

Johnny never knew for certain why he started seeing the dead.

Wobbler Johnson, who was technically Johnny's best friend, said it was because he was mental.

But Yo-less, who read medical books, said it was probably because he couldn't focus his mind like normal people. Normal people just ignored almost everything that was going on around them, so that they could concentrate on important things like, well, getting up, going to the lavatory and getting on with their lives. Whereas Johnny just opened his eyes in the morning and the whole universe hit him in the face.

Wobbler said this sounded like "mental" to him.

- from Johnny and the Dead by Terry Pratchett
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