September 24th, 2004

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Quote of the day:

From George T. Dodds' review of Kenji Siratori's HEADCODE, as published at the wonderful SFSite:

"My personal opinion is that Kenji Siratori's HEADCODE is over 250 pages -- if only he'd written a sonnet -- of incomprehensible, undecodable (why not be truly hypermodern and write it in machine language?), tortuous not to say torturous, plotless, needlessly repetitive, self-indulgent gobbletygook -- a cyber-slang metalanguage to the cognoscenti -- that one hopes was printed on recycled paper lest it have the added sin of killing trees and contributing to global warming [If you thought that sentence was incomprehensible wait until you read HEADCODE]."

I'm glad Dodds has followed the maxim that if you can't say anything nice at all, then you should say something truly snarky and entertain the rest of us.

And a quick website plug: A Tear in the Space-Time Continuum. You know. Because.
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