January 3rd, 2005

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Frank Kelly Freas, R.I.P. (1922-2005)

We have lost a pioneer and giant of the science fiction community, Frank Kelly Freas.

Those who aren't familiar with his name would probably know his work by sight. I will quote from the biographical section of the Kelly Freas Gallery site:

Frank Kelly Freas's artwork has graced the covers of hundreds of science fiction books and magazines, including works by Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Dean R. Koontz, Ursula K. LeGuin, Frederik Pohl, and A. E. Van Vogt. He has contributed covers to Mad Magazine, illustrated the jacket for Queen's best-selling album News of The World, and created the cover of the 1992 Star Trek Annual. An official NASA artist, Freas' space posters hang in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. He was also commissioned by the Skylab I astronauts to design their crew patch.

Dubbed the "most popular sf artist in the history of the field" by the respected Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Freas is the first artist to have won 10 Hugo Awards, having been nominated an all-time record of 20 times. He has also won numerous other genre awards, including the 1991 NATTS Hall of Fame. In 1994, Starlog magazine included him in their prestigious list of The 200 Most Important People in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Frank Kelly Freas, Rest in Peace.
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Two Important Birthdays

Happy Birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien, who was born this day in 1892. I hope everyone will participate in The Tolkien Society's Birthday Toast for 2005. Thank you, Professor, for your words!

And also happy birthday to The Shire's Virginia Lórien, a.k.a. Virginia, the world's most beautiful Boston terrier and our best friend, who was born this day in 2002. We love you, Hobbit girl!

"To thee no star be dark. Both heaven and earth friend thee for ever."
Shakespeare ("The Two Noble Kinsmen")
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