February 10th, 2005

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"perhaps all this will change us"

Today's quote of the day comes from The Martian Chronicles, which one of my classes is reading, and which also happens to be one of my favorite works of fiction. Its many allusions to the experience of U.S. colonization and westward expansion never fail to move me.

..."There's no hatred here." He listened to the wind. "From the look of their cities they were a graceful, beautiful, and philosophical people. They accepted what came to them. They acceded to racial death, that much we know, and without a last-moment war of frustration to tumble down their cities. Every town we've seen so far has been flawlessly intact. They probably don't mind us being here any more than they'd mind children playing on the lawn, knowing and understanding children for what they are. And, anyway, perhaps all this will change us for the better.

"Did you notice the peculiar quiet of the men, Spender, until Biggs forced them to get happy? They looked pretty humble and frightened. Looking at all this, we know we're not so hot; we're kids in rompers, shouting with our play rockets and atoms, loud and alive. But one day Earth will be as Mars is today. This will sober us. It's an object lesson in civilizations. We'll learn from Mars. Now suck in your chin. Let's go back and play happy."

-from The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury
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A question for fans of The Professionals

I've been searching for The Professionals fan fiction that includes "Crazy Tommy"/"Shotgun Tommy" McKay from the episode "Heroes" as a major character (as opposed to a quick allusion, such as "You don't want to end up like Tommy"). Here's what I've found thus far. If you know of any stories I've missed (I'm sure there are many), I'd be grateful if you'd let me know. :) Thank you!

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