March 26th, 2005

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Your Dwarves Don't Dance and Your Elves Don't Rock-n-Roll

First of all, happy birthday to bellatook. May you have a wonderful day, and many, many more!

Second, Revolution Science Fiction has published its "Spring 2005 Movie Preview" for genre films. There are some "must see" movies on this list.

Next, I've been gathering my Harry Potter-related music to discuss in my "Harry Potter and His Predecessors" course, and it struck me that I haven't yet shared my picks from the world of Tolkien music on my LJ. In the past I've written reviews of Tolkienesque music (for Revolution Science Fiction in 2002 and Pop Thought in 2004), but the list here represents my most recent thinking on the subject.

The recommendations below are not in any way exhaustive. I incorporate these songs into my "J.R.R. Tolkien in History, Political Thought, and Literature" class as representatives of albums I find particularly interesting and noteworthy. I only consider songs with lyrics (either Tolkien's own words or original words based on Tolkien's vision), so I don't even touch on the wonderful orchestral and symphonic albums that exist. For a thorough list of music inspired by Middle-Earth, see The Tolkien Music List.

But, if you're interested, here's my class list of some great Tolkien-inspired music:

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And for the quote of the day, lyrics from Glass Hammer:

As I walk tiredly toward the West
My heart cries out for hearth and home
Familiar faces, friendly smiles
Now all I know is left behind
Until at last one day I find
My road will lead us home once more
To go no more a-questing

from "As I Walk," Glass Hammer's Middle Earth Album
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