May 17th, 2005

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"there is order in the turmoil"

I am back from my sister's college graduation, just in time to meet two due dates for a couple of my editors. When those pieces are written, my summer begins in earnest. I look forward to catching up with everyone!

In the meantime, I've lined up my teaching schedule for the rest of 2005, so for my benefit, and just in case anyone is interested, here goes:

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I will also be participating in the following conventions, and I hope to see some of you there:

And last, a quote for the day from the brilliant James Goldman, from the imagined perspective of the 12th-century cleric Giraldus Cambrensis. Special thanks to theladyrose for the recommendation.

Historians are much like storytellers, are they not? They take events and put them into order. Facts must be connected, they must shed some light or have some bearing on each other. In a word, there must be form.

And one thing more. The final cause, the function or the use of history. Why does it exist? What is it for? Dogs get along without it. So do many men, both barbarous and civilized. Sometimes whole centuries go by without a book. Aside from the Bede, there is no trace of Alfred's reign, or Aethelred's. They managed very well without their chroniclers because they felt no need to find some meaning in events.

There is a purpose to all things. There is an order in the turmoil, there is sense beneath the chaos, there is something to be learned and this is why Man struggles to remember--...

The proper use of history is the elevation of mankind.

from Myself as Witness by James Goldman
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