May 22nd, 2005

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"a touch of Saturn"

Happy birthday to jalara! May you have a most fantastic day and many, many more. :)

In my last random post of fandom musings I forgot to mention a recent conversation I'd had about my surprise that the original film Lion in Winter has not inspired more "movieverse" fan fiction. To date, I have found (with the kind help of agentxpndble) only two fan fiction works:

"The Games We Play" by Redclia (Richard/Philip slash)

"Lonely" by Sweet775 (Eleanor gen)

If you know of other works, please pass them along! Curious minds want to know. :) Many thanks.

As quote for the day, another striking passage from James Goldman (from the imagined perspective of the 12th-century cleric Giraldus Cambrensis):

We seem to have some need to idolize our conquerors. Our Alexanders, Hannibals and Caesars are much loved. If we had seen their slaughters, had we heard the whimpering and smelled the blood, would they seem less heroic? I would like to think so, but I wonder. We find pleasure in destruction, do we not? There is a touch of Saturn in us all: we eat our children.

from Myself as Witness, James Goldman
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