August 27th, 2005

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Back from the Land of the Sagas!

I am back from a fantastic week in breathtaking Iceland. The "Liberty and Property in the 21st Century" conference was extremely thought-provoking and productive for me, and my trips in Reykjavik (on the day of the Reykjavik Marathon!) and Thingvellir were enchanting. The beauty of the country's land and history was simply stunning: no wonder great minds from Sturluson and Tolkien to Verne and Laxness have been inspired by the "Pearl of the North."

If anyone is interested in seeing the photos I took during my stay, you can access them all HERE.

Or, if you would like just a sample, my favorites are the following:
* Hallgrimskirkja (church) and the statue of Leifur Eiriksson in Reykjavik,
* the cemetery in "Old Town" Reykjavik,
* the falls and cliffs of Thingvellir, and
* Thingvallabaer (farmhouse at the site of 1,000 anniversary of the Althing) and Thingvallakirkja (church built on the site of one of Iceland's first churches) at Thingvellir.

And happy late birthday to euclase, who celebrated the occasion while I was gone. I hope you had a fantastic day, and will enjoy many, many more to come!

I am dreadfully jetlagged and facing the first meetings of my classes in two days, so I may be a bit slow to catch up with everyone, but I will do my best. I look forward to learning all I missed and being back in touch with all of you in LJ-land!

And a quote for the day:

"When reindeers run with wolves, they have to howl."
from Halldor Laxness (Iceland's Nobel Laureate in Literature), from a personal letter
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