October 3rd, 2005


Pros and Halloween goodness

Those of you who are fans of The Professionals, John Castle, or both should check out the wonderful new music video Tommy Gun by bistokidsfan77, which spotlights Crazy Tommy McKay from the episode "Heroes." I've added it to my Crazy Tommy page, as well.

And now, I'll pick up where I left off yesterday with some Halloween-like verses:

...I have peered from the casements in wonder
At the mouldering meadows around,
At the many-roofed village laid under
The curse of a grave-girdled ground;
And from rows of white urn-carven marble, I listen intently for sound.

I have haunted the tombs of the ages,
I have flown on the pinions of fear,
Where the smoke-belching Erebus rages;
Where the jokulls loom snow-clad and drear:
And in realms where the sun of the desert consumes what it never can cheer...

from "Nemesis" by H.P. Lovecraft