October 17th, 2005


Pumpkin Carols

Does anyone remember the Peanuts Pumpkin Carols book? It was orange and shaped like a pumpkin (the Great Pumpkin, as the Peanuts characters would say), and it was full of Halloween "carols"/filks. Ah, the memories.

My quotes for the day come from some of these songs.

I heard the bells on Halloween
Their old, familiar carols scream,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
The pumpkin season's here again.

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Just one more Halloween quiz (because I'm a sucker for them at the moment):

Your Very Own Halloween Horror Story!
LJ Username
Favorite Halloween Film
Favorite Halloween Character
You find yourself in the crop circles of a seemingly endless cornfield
Whose cryptic whispers warn you of danger? groovekittie
You discover you are being chased by the demons of your own approaching madness
Who immediately twists an ankle and becomes a victim? gondoriangirl
Who heroically buys time for your escape? sarah531
Who is the last one left to contemplate your doom with you? fungus_files
This cool quiz by eldritchhobbit - Taken 2 Times.
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