February 26th, 2006


Darren McGavin (May 7, 1922-Feb. 25, 2006), R.I.P.

I'm still a hostage to deadlines at the moment, but my science fiction-loving heart could go no longer without saying "rest in peace" to Darren McGavin, who not only was the title character in Kolchak: The Night Stalker (a path-breaking program), and a veteran of such great genre fare as The X-Files and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but also stunning and incredibly poignant as Henry Black, father to Frank Black (Lance Henrikson), in one of my most favorite series, Millennium. Considering the significant influence Kolchak had on series creator Chris Carter and his works (The X-Files not least), it was highly appropriate that Carl Kolchak be Frank Black's father.

McGavin's contributions to his craft and to the genre are significant. He will be missed and remembered.

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Octavia Butler, R.I.P. (June 22, 1947-February 25, 2006)

I have no words.

Octavia Butler: she is gone.

Create no images of God.
Accept the images
that God has provided.
They are everywhere,
in everything.
God is Change---
Seed to tree,
tree to forest;
Rain to river,
river to sea;
Grubs to bees,
bees to swarm.
From one, many;
from many, one;
Forever uniting, growing, dissolving---
forever Changing.
The universe
is God's self-portrait.

From "Earthseed: The Book of the Living," by Lauren Oya Olamina, the poet created by Octavia E. Butler for her 1993 novel, Parable of the Sower