October 20th, 2006


"people cloathed in white"

Happy Friday! I hope to see some of you at PhreakNIC X today.

And happy belated birthday to witchcat07! I hope you had a wonderful day and will enjoy a fabulous year to come.

In other news, The Science Fiction Poetry Association is sponsoring an online Halloween Poetry Reading; visit the site to hear various holiday-related verses.

And now, a meme:
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Valancourt Books' latest publication, Terrific Tales (originally published in 1804) by Isabella Lewis, is a compilation of supposedly true supernatural encounters, which were compiled from ancient Roman texts, medieval monks' manuscripts, church documents, and legal records, and allegedly supported by factual evidence. Here is an example of the "terrific tales" collected in the book:

Some years before the death of Pope Leo the ninth, who died in the year 1059, an infinite multitude of people cloathed in white were seen passing through the city of Narni, and advancing toward the east. This troop kept marching from the morning early until three in the afternoon; but towards evening they perceptively declined. At this spectacle the whole city mounted the walls, fearing lest they might be a troop of enemies, and saw them file off with an extreme surprize.

A citizen more resolute than the others went out of the city, and having remarked in the crowd a man of his acquaintance, he called him by his name, and asked him, what that multitude of travellers meant; he replied -- "We are souls, who not having expatiated all our sins, and not being yet pure enough to enter into the kingdom of heaven, we are going thus into the holy places with a spirit of repentence...." The man was so terrified at this vision that he kept his bed for a twelvemonth. It was he himself who related the circumstance to Pope Leo the ninth. The whole city of Narni was witness of this procession, which took place in the face of day.

Terrific Tales at Valancourt Books
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