July 24th, 2007

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birthdays and news for fans of weird tales

Happy birthday to two great gentlemen, arymetore and caster121. May you have a wonderful day and many more! Happy birthday also to a great lady, syrcleoftrees, with best wishes for today and always!

Happy birthday also to the wonderful agentxpndble, a super lady and the mistress of two great websites:

May you have a fantastic day and year to come, my friend!

Thanks to valancourtbooks, I've made a new discovery: The Willows. It's an atmospheric horror and dark fantasy magazine with an emphasis on the traditional weird tale, in the classic style of Blackwood, Dunsany, Hodgson, Machen, Lovecraft, etc. To quote from the official site, "We love work set in Victorian times, in the European countryside, in a twisted fairyland, in the underbelly of an enchanted city, or in the ruins of an undiscovered civilization. If your favorite authors are those who initiated and maintained this unique movement, The Willows is the place to read tales you will enjoy."

"The disposition of noble dogs is to be gentle with people they know and the opposite with those they don't know. How, then, can the dog be anything other than a lover of learning since it defines what's its own and what's alien?" - Plato
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