November 9th, 2007

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"What did you expect from a guy who can't pronounce his own name?"

Two quick announcements:

* December 8 is Pretend You're a Time-Traveler Day. kalquessa challenges us:
Now, this is evidently meant to be a sort of costume event. However, I think that for those of us who are, for whatever reason, unable or unwilling to spend the day dressed in silver jumpsuits/beat-up motocross armor/boating flannels, the day still presents an excellent opportunity to at least blog like a time-traveler...
I think this is a great idea! What say you, my friends?

* Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest is having subscription drive that ends on November 30th. If you buy a subscription, renew a subscription, post a blog entry about the drive, or refer someone to buy a subscription during that time, you will be entered into a drawing to win Apex for life!... oh, and a new mug, too. :) This is a great publication: read more here.

My quote for the day is a reminder of why I love history_spork:
(re: The Man in the Iron Mask...)

D'Artagnan: Enchanté!

fourth_rose: Nope, he can't pronounce French either.

cloudlessnights: What did you expect from a guy who can't pronounce his own name?

cutecoati: To command the Enterprise D?

fourth_rose: Touché.
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