July 13th, 2008


"here and there some gem-like star"

Happy birthday to sunshinedew! Best wishes for a wonderful day and year to come.

My husband and I just watched The Lives of Others, which won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and it is simply outstanding, one of the best films we've seen in ages. I highly recommend it!

I don't have pictures from my baby sister's wedding yet, but I do have Margret's bridal portrait. The veil is the same one our mother wore when she married our father nearly forty years ago.

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"How sweet to move at summer's eve
By Clyde's meandering stream,
When Sol in joy is seen to leave
The earth with crimson beam;
When islands that wandered far
Above his sea couch lie,
And here and there some gem-like star
Re-opes its sparkling eye."
- Andrew Park
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