October 8th, 2008


Halloween Countdown, Day 8

To kick off my post, I'd like to share a fan video entitled Scary Mary. Should Mary Poppins be considered a work of horror? Watch this recut of the Disney classic made by Chris Rule and Nick Eckert and reconsider the nanny you thought you knew.

LINKS OF THE DAY: Today I have several links to help prepare you for Halloween.

* BadMovies.org wants to certain you know what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse.
"Do You Have a Zombie Plan? Part 1"
"Do You Have a Zombie Plan? Part 2" (Thanks to sittingduck1313 for the recommendation.)

* i09 suggests "10 Halloween Costumes That Rule."

LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Happy birthday to the late, great Frank Herbert (1920-1986), science fiction author and father of the incomparable Dune series. In his honor, one of his more Halloween-friendly poems from Songs of Muad'dib: The Poetry of Frank Herbert:

"Zensunni Theme" by Frank Herbert

Nature's beauteous form
Contains a lovely essence
Called by some--decay.
By this lovely presence
New life finds its way.
Tears shed silently
Are but water of the soul:
They bring new life
To the pain of being--
A separation from that seeing
Which death makes whole.

And just in case Herbert hasn't thoroughly scratched your Halloween itch, here is a limerick by the late, great Edward Gorey (1925-2000):

Each night Father fills me with dread
When he sits on the foot of my bed;
I'd not mind that he speaks
In gibbers and squeaks,
But for seventeen years he's been dead.
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