October 21st, 2008


Halloween Countdown, Day 21

Dracula's graveyard
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LINKS OF THE DAY: In the last few days and weeks, the terrific volunteers at Librivox.org have added new, unabridged readings of some wonderful literature to help you get into the Halloween spirit. Here are some of the newest additions now available for free download. Listen and enjoy!

* The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, the first Gothic novel

* The Complete Collected Public Domain Works of H.P. Lovecraft

* "The Willows" by Algernon Blackwood, voted by H.P. Lovecraft as the spookiest story ever written

The Librivox Horror Short Story Collection Volume 5

* The Librivox Ghost Story Collection Volume 6

LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Today's story is an eerie one, "The Shell of Sense" by Olivia Howard Dunbar (1873-1953).

Excerpt from "The Shell of Sense" by Olivia Howard Dunbar:
"Frances was here. You did not see her, standing there, under the lilacs, with no smile on her face?"

"My dear, my dear!" was all that Allan said. I had so long now lived invisibly with them, he knew that she was right.

"I suppose you know what it means?" she asked him, calmly.

"Dear Theresa," Allan said, slowly, "if you and I should go away somewhere, could we not evade all this ghostliness? And will you come with me?"

"Distance would not banish her," my sister confidently asserted. And then she said, softly: "Have you thought what a lonely, awesome thing it must be to be so newly dead? Pity her, Allan. We who are warm and alive should pity her. She loves you still,—that is the meaning of it all, you know—and she wants us to understand that for that reason we must keep apart. Oh, it was so plain in her white face as she stood there. And you did not see her?"

Read the complete story.
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