October 26th, 2008


Halloween Countdown, Day 26

LINKS OF THE DAY: Here are some Halloween-related lists for you.

* Cult writer James Hynes lists his recommendations for Halloween reading: "James Hynes Presents Stories for Late at Night."

* Revolution Science Fiction offers "Halloween Top 6.66," which lists and discusses its choices for the top 6.66 zombies, vampires, ghosts, haunted houses, witches, werewolves, and devils from pop culture.

LITERATURE OF THE DAY: Today's reading is the haunting "The Double Shadow" by Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961).

Excerpt from "The Double Shadow" by Clark Ashton Smith:
Then, on a clear summer afternoon, we walked, as was often our custom, on the marble terrace behind the house. In robes of ocean-purple, we paced among the windy trees with their blown, crooked shadows; and there, following us as we went to and fro, I saw the blue shadow of Avyctes and my own shadow on the marble; and between them, an adumbration that was not wrought by any of the cedars. And I was greatly startled, but spoke not of the matter to Avyctes, and observed the unknown shadow with covert care.

I saw that it followed closely the shadow of Avyctes, keeping ever the same distance. And it fluttered not in the wind, but moved with a flowing as of some heavy, thick, putrescent liquid; and its color was not blue nor purple nor black, nor any other hue to which man's eyes are habituated, but a hue as of some unearthly purulence; and its form was altogether monstrous, having a squat head and a long, undulant body, without similitude to beast or devil.

Read the complete story.

And last, here's a Halloween moment from Lio.

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