November 13th, 2008


"Content isn't king: culture is."

Happy birthday to a wonderful woman, writer, teacher, and scholar who has been and remains an inspiration to me: st_crispins. May you have a great day and year to come!

In other news...

* Cory Doctorow has an interesting and important article on copyright issues in Locus Online: "Why I Copyfight."

* The Annual Apex Digest Raffle is underway. The Apex folks have pulled from their high-security cellar vaults some of the most fiendishly delightful goodies you've ever seen, like free fiction critiques, ARCs of as-yet unavailable books signed by the authors, valuable rare books worth more than $50, a steampunk classic with zepplins--REAL ZEPPLINS!--doodled by the author himself, and the only Maurice Broaddus Quintuple Threat Pack in existence. All tickets are $1.

Here's a quote for the day:

Because if copying on the Internet were ended tomorrow, it would be the end of culture on the Internet too. YouTube would vanish without its storehouse of infringing clips; LiveJournal would be dead without all those interesting little user-icons and those fascinating pastebombs from books, news-stories and blogs; Flickr would dry up and blow away without all those photos of copyrighted, trademarked and otherwise protected objects, works, and scenes.

These conversations are why we want the things we're conversing about. Fanfic is written by people who love books. YouTube clips are made by people who want you to watch the shows they're taken from and discuss them. LJ icons demonstrate affinity for works.

If culture loses the copyright wars, the reason for copyright dies with it.

- Cory Doctorow, "Why I Copyfight"
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