July 18th, 2009


Art, Podcasting, & Vampires

Happy birthday to the melissagay, fantastic artist and all-around wonderful person. May your birthday be all you could wish for and more!

I've been greatly privileged to have Melissa's art grace the cover of two of my projects. Here's her breathtaking "Aslan" on the cover of Past Watchful Dragons:

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Be sure to check out the official website for Melissa's art here!

In other news...

* On the latest episode of The Sofanauts podcast, I am one of three guests in a roundtable discussion on "the week in science fiction news" along with accomplished authors Jeff VanderMeer and Damien G. Walter. We discuss several recent issues in science fiction, and for my "pick of the week" I get to plug a post-apocalyptic/dystopian book I just finished reading and highly recommend, The Inferior by Peadar Ó Guilín. You can stream or download this episode here. Warning: the discussion is followed by extremely silly outtakes!

* Sci-Fi Fan Letter offers a "'Literary' Vampire Novel Reading List." This is particularly timely, as I'm currently reading Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian (and thoroughly enjoying it), and I'll be teaching my "Gothic Imagination in History" course this fall. I'm glad to see some of my favorites (Carmilla, The Vampyre, Sunshine) on the list, as well as some books I've been meaning to read, such as Anno Dracula. Of course, if it were my list, I Am Legend would most certainly be on it, whether it's "literary" or not!

"The line between literature and history is often a wobbling one."
- Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian