August 10th, 2009

SF/Planets and interplanetary travel

WorldCon, Day 3 Cont'd and Day 4

Hello from Montreal! Shall I pick up where I left off, then?

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“I’ve always liked the idea of a special Hugo to be awarded (by force, perhaps) to literary authors who write books dripping with themes filleted from mainstream SF and then deny that it’s science fiction ‘because it’s not about robots and spaceships’.”
– Terry Pratchett
SF/UFO Magic

It's the End of WorldCon (And I Feel Fine)

It's my last post from Montreal, folks! Thanks so much for reading. This experiment in con reporting has been great fun. All of my WorldCon photos are together in a set here.

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I'll be catching up with my replies and emails soon! Thanks so much for reading.

"Hello. My name is Darth Vader. I am your father. Prepare to die."
-- button seen at WorldCon
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