June 4th, 2010

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A Short "Favorites" List of YA Dystopia Recs

Happy birthday to shelled_avenger, ebonage, and frodosweetstuff. And happy early birthday to primroseburrows, gbsteve, eowynmaiar, and sally_maria. May all of you, my friends, enjoy many happy returns of the day!

When I recently made a post about young adult dystopias, I received several comments asking for my "best of" or favorites list. While I have not by any means read all of the books on my list, I am making good headway: obviously, I draw my list specifically from those books I have read. I will mention the premise of each work I recommend, but I will avoid all spoilers. If I include every book I like, this won't be a short list, so I'll try to stick to my very top recommendations. I hope this is of interest/use to you!

And so, without further ado...

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And now, for your edification and entertainment, here's the Periodic Chart of Women in Science Fiction:

"The only thing binding individuals together is ideas. Ideas mutate and spread; they change their hosts as much as their hosts change them."
- Bernard Beckett, Genesis
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