December 29th, 2010

Sherlock/Lestrade scarf

A White Christmas

Happy birthday to cyloran! May you enjoy many happy returns of the day.

I hope everyone's enjoying a wonderful holiday season. We had an unexpectedly white Christmas with nearly a foot of snow. It rather changed our plans for the week, but it was beautiful.

Christmas Snow 2010

Here are a couple of quick links, FYI:

* From Cheryl Morgan: "A Hugo for YA Books?"

* From John O'Neill: "The Top 100 Out of Print Books of 2010."

And here's a quote for the day:

"We've got it all clear as if we had seen it."

"And yet you have sent for me?"

"Ah, yes, that's another matter -- a mere trifle, but the sort of thing you take an interest in -- queer, you know, and what you might call freakish."

- Inspector Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes, "The Adventure of the Second Stain," Arthur Conan Doyle
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