February 17th, 2011

Fringe/Walter/Strawberry death

On the Fringe

The forthcoming Smart Pop book Fringe Science: Parallel Universes, White Tulips, and Mad Scientists, dedicated to the series Fringe, now has cover art! (I'm writing an essay for this collection now.) I'm very happy to see that TV Guide is reporting that Fringe has a good chance of renewal for next season.

I have a few links to share:

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* From SFSignal: "The All-Encompassing Machinery: Dystopia in the 21st Century."

* From Morgan Dempsey at Inkpunks: "Why I Like YA SFF."

* Happy early birthday wishes to firiath and alicia_stardust. May you both enjoy many happy returns of the day!

The historian in me gets quite a laugh from this (and, for that matter, you can never have too much Martin Freeman)...

"My dear, I'm not certain that you're not simply a figment of my imagination."
- Dr. Walter Bishop, "Momentum Deferred," Fringe