February 20th, 2011

Neil Gaiman

The YA Dystopias List That Wouldn't Die, Etc.

Yes folks, it's that time again: I've updated my working list of young adult dystopian novels. There have been a number of new releases and forthcoming titles announced lately. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for me, I'd be most grateful! Thanks so much. (Note: If you follow/bookmark this link, you'll always be directed to the most recent iteration of this list.)

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And, for your amusement...

funny celebrity pictures - Sherlock channeling Jack Donaghy
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My quotes for the day come from this past week's terrific episode of Fringe:
Peter Bishop: You know, a thank you wouldn't kill you.
Dr. Walter Bishop: Oh, I'm sorry if at this moment when the universe is collapsing I forgot the magic word.
Astrid Farnsworth: How come?
Dr. Walter Bishop: Dear God, is it 'Second-Guess Everything I Do Day'? Because I haven't been informed.

- Fringe, "6B"