June 24th, 2011

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I Always Could Get the Hang of Fridays

Yesterday was a good day to be a genre fan.
** Entertainment Weekly published the first official pictures from The Hobbit.
** J.K. Rowling announced her Pottermore site, which is exciting not only because of the new content it promises, but also because of the new path it may help to forge for direct author-to-reader relations.

In other news, I've completed two more books in my Holmesian pastiche reading, both in that especially Gothic subgenre of Sherlock Holmes-meets-Jack the Ripper tales.
** The Mycroft Memoranda by Ray Walsh (1985)
Read my review.
** The Whitechapel Horrors by Edward B. Hanna (1992)
Read my review.
I recommend both highly, but if I had to choose one, I'd have to pick Walsh's, which may be my favorite pastiche novel thus far after Lyndsay Faye's Dust and Shadow (which I reviewed here).

Oh, and you Lovecraftians out there, I have a special suprise to share with you tomorrow. Very exciting stuff! So stay tuned. :)

"He was lying on the cobbles half-way across the yard with his handkerchief tied tightly around his left thigh and his gun still firmly clenched in his right fist. He was inching himself slowly along the ground using his right elbow and leg. What a fellow he is. Badly shocked by the fiend's eruption from what I had confidently told him would be a foolproof trap and disabled in an exchange of shots, he had, nonetheless, patched himself up and was attempting to come to my assistance. And he wonders why it is I take him with me on my investigations."
- Sherlock Holmes to Mycroft Holmes, speaking about John Watson
in The Mycroft Memoranda by Ray Walsh