September 27th, 2011

Star Wars/Pre-Raphaelite

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

* The first part of a two-part interview with me is now up here at Darkcargo, in which I talk about science fiction, classic novel/monster mashups, "further adventures of," and other literary subjects. The second half (about genre, Sherlock Holmes, and writing, among other things) will be up on Friday. Darkcargo is a terrific multi-authored blog about reading, book anticipation, con-going, and general genre-related fun, and I highly recommend checking out its other features!

* There's additional information online about this upcoming Saturday's PotterWatch 2011 Scholarly Conference on Harry Potter at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My keynote talk will be "On Fairy-Stories, Readers, and the Potterverse." I hope to see some of you there!

* Happy belated birthday wishes to delenn1960, lbilover, shagungu, and xanath, and happy birthday to curtana! May all of you enjoy a wonderful year to come!

* In personal news, three cheers for my baby sister, Margret!
-- Her first refereed scholarly article has been published! So next time you're reading the International Journal of Climatology (who doesn't?), be sure to look for her work: "Spatial Coherence of Rainfall Variations Using the Oklahoma Mesonet." Woohoo!
-- She has a brand new, shiny job (besides perpetual tornado chaser extraordinaire) with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey. Yay!
-- She and my brother-in-law are expecting their first child. Huzzah! The whole family is excited about welcoming baby Kaitlyn in the spring.

And here's Virginia, doing her impersonation of my reaction to the new Star Wars blu-ray release:

Virginia feeling sleepy

"It's not that I expect Lucas to stop screwing with Star Wars. I imagine that he'll do so until he dies, and even then, he'll probably build a special robot that lives on after him with the sole purpose of finding things it doesn't like about Star Wars and 'fixing' them."
- A. Lee Martinez, "Why You Should Stop Telling Fans to 'Get Over It'"