October 24th, 2011


Halloween Countdown, Day 24, and POLL!

Halloween pumpkin or jack o lantern 2010 monstrous face light illuminated

Today's the equivalent of "Open Mic Night" here at the Countdown to Halloween...

POLL TIME: What's your favorite spooky poem? Please post it in the comments for everyone to read! Thanks!

I'll kick things off with a few personal favorites...

"Oil And Blood"
by William Butler Yeats (1865-1913)

I tombs of gold and lapis lazuli
Bodies of holy men and women exude
Miraculous oil, odour of violet.
But under heavy loads of trampled clay
Lie bodies of the vampires full of blood;
Their shrouds are bloody and their lips are wet.

"The Grey Thing"
by Stephen Crane (1871-1900)

There is a grey thing that lives in the tree-tops
None knows the horror of its sight
Save those who meet death in the wilderness
But one is enabled to see
To see branches move at its passing
To hear at times the wail of black laughter
And to come often upon mystic places
Places where the thing has just been.

"The Warning"
by Adelaide Crapsey (1878-1914)

Just now,
Out of the strange
Still dusk... as strange, as still...
A white moth flew... Why am I grown
So cold?
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