October 31st, 2011


Happy Halloween!

The day is here, my friends! We made it! Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain, and (slightly early) Happy Día de los Muertos!

Thank you so much for joining me in my month-long holiday celebration. I truly hope you've enjoyed it. I have!

Extra thanks to those of you who sent Halloween v-gifts for my LJ. They put a huge smile on my face!

Please stop by, grab a virtual latte or cider or hot cocoa, a candied apple or some roasted pumpkin seeds, or even a goblet of blood and a plate of brains, and say hello!

Pumpkins 2008 Jack O Lanterns

If you haven't checked out the Halloween posts of Book Chick City or any of the other participants in Countdown to Halloween, you have time to catch up on all the goodness today! As always, you can find all of my past Halloween posts here.


Text of the Day: What can I say? This is my favorite. I hope you enjoy "Hallowe'en in a Suburb" by H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937).

The steeples are white in the wild moonlight,
And the trees have a silver glare;
Past the chimneys high see the vampires fly,
And the harpies of upper air,
That flutter and laugh and stare.

For the village dead to the moon outspread
Never shone in the sunset's gleam,
But grew out of the deep that the dead years keep
Where the rivers of madness stream
Down the gulfs to a pit of dream.

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