December 11th, 2011


Retrospective, Cont'd: Sherlockian Pastiche Reading

FYI, an update about reading Sherlock Holmes pastiches...

A year ago, I asked for recommendations of Sherlock Holmes pastiches and received great replies. (Thank you!) I waited until I'd finished going through all of Arthur Conan Doyle's canonical Holmesian writings in order, but now I've embarked on my pastiche reading. I'm still only "baby steps" into the project, but I thought I'd list the novels I've read thus far, ranked in order from my most favorite to my least favorite. My reviews are general, and though they may contain a few spoilers about the premise of a given work, they don't give away any twist endings or key surprises.

There's a new entry on my list since the last time I posted an update!

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"Now, Watson, the fair sex is your department."
- Sherlock Holmes, "The Adventure of the Second Stain," Arthur Conan Doyle